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"Shaking Off" Economic Downturn: The Taylor Swift Effect

January 22, 2024

Time's Person of the Year, Taylor Swift, is shaking off economic downturns and hitting high notes not just on stage but in the U.S. economy, too. The pop sensation's impressive impact extends beyond her record-breaking music, reaching into the realm of staggering economic influence.1

Her Eras Tour, a homage to her illustrious 17-year career, is on track to become the biggest tour of all time, boasting projected grosses of $2.2 billion in North American ticket sales alone and an estimated $5 billion in consumer spending across the United States. To put it in perspective, if Taylor Swift were an economy, she'd be larger than 50 countries!2

Taylor Swift's influence is also significantly impacting the National Football League (NFL) thanks to her "Love Story." The pop sensation's relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Travis Kelce has led to a surprising win for the NFL, which has long struggled to increase its female fanbase. Swift's presence at one of Kelce's games resulted in a viewership of 27 million, the most for a Sunday night game since the last football championship game, with a significant portion of this spike attributed to young female viewers. Her influence also led to a 400% surge in sales of Kelce’s No. 87 jersey.3

The NFL has capitalized on this Swift effect, making efforts to make Swifties feel at home in the world of football. After Swift attended a game, the NFL posted about her 34 times across all their social channels, generating an astonishing 170 million impressions. There was a 63% jump in viewership among women aged 18 to 49 for the game between the Bears and Chiefs. Swift's influence also extends to Kelce's social media, with his Instagram follower count increasing by 1.3 million since rumors of his relationship with Swift began. As a result, the Swift effect has not only increased NFL viewership but also significantly boosted player popularity and engagement.3

As we continue to navigate through this evolving economic landscape, let's remember to stay open to unexpected influences and opportunities, just like the "Swift Effect."

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