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Our Foundation For Success

At Coe Financial Group, we dedicate ourselves to guiding you toward financial independence. To help you in the best way that we can, we have developed what we believe are key cornerstones for success.


Superior client service is an essential element of building strong, long-term client relationships. We are a deeply committed and experienced team available to answer your questions. After all, your success and satisfaction is ours as well. We understand the importance of “response-ability” and addressing issues on a timely basis. We stay abreast of your specific goals and strive to provide timely information and updates regularly.

Managing Expectations

Investment performance is two-dimensional. It consists of risk and return. We seek to provide you with an overall portfolio that strikes an appropriate balance between your desire for risk and desire for reliability. Before developing your portfolio, we formulate your risk profile, determining how much risk you are comfortable taking and how much you seek to gain in returns. We believe this can help you feel more confident and comfortable with your investment choices.


We never want you to feel uncertain about your financial strategies or progress. We pride ourselves on providing you with timely and detailed information regarding your portfolio. From monthly statements to quarterly newsletters, our goal is to keep you up-to-date and informed on your investments. We encourage questions and are at your service to help.


We believe that a well-informed investor is a confident investor. Client knowledge and information can help investor comfort. We offer planned workshops and personal in-office appointments in an effort to educate you throughout the year.


We believe the centerpiece of each investment program is based on an understanding of you, our client. We dedicate ourselves to conducting a carefully designed discovery process that helps us discover your needs. We acquire a sincere understanding of you and your investment nature and needs by meeting face-to-face, discussing investment issues, and listening carefully.