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Why Choose Us?

At Coe Financial Group, our goal is to provide a truly unique experience that sets us apart from other investment management firms. We believe there are several reasons why our firm stands out from the rest:

Individual Client Focus

As a referral-based firm, we work with a select number of clients so we can provide a high level of personalized service. By having the time to communicate throughout the year and work closely together, we believe we can build stronger relationships that last.

Service with a Personal Touch

We have access to a wide range of resources, tools, and research because our advisors are supported by broker-dealer First Allied. While we can offer the services akin to a large firm, we maintain the personalized attention and close relationships of a boutique practice.

A Personal Chief Financial Officer

We take a collective approach to reviewing your financial planning needs. We seek to serve as your personal CFO by offering concierge service and addressing all elements of your financial picture.


Working with different types of investors, we adjust our process and level of service based on your preference. Whether you prefer to take the lead and rely on us for guidance, or would rather delegate responsibilities to us, we are here for you.


Rather than focus on selling products, we are more concerned with building relationships and creating thorough and comprehensive financial strategies that address your short and long-term goals. Avoiding conflicts of interest, we employ the solutions we believe best align with your unique situation.


To better serve you, we utilize advanced, comprehensive financial planning software and technology. From wealth management systems to secure private accounts, these state-of-the-art programs allow you to organize your financial documents, clearly see your accounts and strategies (as well as your progress and up-to-date status), and more. They also provide us the ability to show you interactive scenarios of various financial outcomes, depending on how you choose to invest or what goals you want to achieve.